Retrofit of Domestic Properties

PAS 2030/2035

What is PAS 2030/2035?

BSI PAS 2030 specifies requirements for retrofit of property, including, assessment of Property for retrofit.

It also allows for identification and evaluation of improvement options (Energy efficiency measures, or EEMs) which saves not only money but keeps your property warmer in the winter months.

Design and specification of EEMs (whether individual measures or packages of multiple measures); and Monitoring and evaluation of retrofit projects. These projects include EWI, Ventilation and Air Pressure Pump

PAS 2035 is the over-arching document in the retrofit standards framework, with which users of the TrustMark Government endorsed quality scheme are required to comply when carrying out domestic retrofit work

People involved in domestic retrofit projects, including Retrofit Advisors, Retrofit Assessors, Retrofit Coordinators, Retrofit Designers and Retrofit Evaluators, should have working knowledge of building physics (also known as building science), appropriate to the nature and scale of the retrofit project(s) on which they work, and the types of buildings, with emphasis on the movement of heat, moisture, and air through dwellings.

Occupants’ comfort, health and safety depend on control and management of the flows of heat, moisture, and air through their homes, to maintain appropriate dynamic thermal and moisture equilibriums. The dynamic heat balance of a property (i.e., the way in which heat losses are satisfied by heat inputs) is an important element of its energy efficiency. The moisture balance of a home is also important.

What role does EEH Solutions Play?

We are an accredited Retrofit installer with the relevant PAS 2030/2035 competency. We have access to a wide range of professionals and trades teams for our installations, ranging from domestic homes to low rise apartments and flats.

Additional Ventilation Requirements

The Ventilation projects under PAS 2030 and PAS 2035 will benefit customers by allowing customers to have a well-ventilated property allowing fresh air into your homes, it will also ensure moisture is extracted preventing damage to walls and to maintain the warmth of the home. Consequently the air quality will improve making it feel welcoming and inviting.

Air Pressure Testing Requirements

Air Pressure Testing under PAS 2030 and PAS 2035 will be beneficial to the customer as it will determine the amount of uncontrolled air leakage through the gaps and cracks within their building. This will determine how much energy is being lost and whether further measures or improvements are required.

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