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EEH Solutions is the Retrofit Installation Team, with a track record of delivering quality installations and aims to deliver a sustainable solution to energy efficiency.

Eco Efficient Home Solutions was started with the intention of supporting our local communities and helping them save on their energy bills. Our mission is to eradicate fuel poverty across the country. What is fuel poverty? Fuel poverty is the condition by which a household is unable to afford to heat their home to an adequate temperature. It is caused by low income, high fuel prices, poor energy efficiency, unaffordable housing prices and poor quality private rental housing. We realise that with most houses, the major contributor to heat loss and as a result, a high energy bill is poor insulation or lack thereof. Our role is to install energy efficient measures to help reduce energy loss. This may include installing External wall Insulation or installing ventilation systems. We also apply a silicone render coat, a protective coat over the wall insulation, which doubles as a cosmetic element to the job, allowing you to change the colour of your walls to whatever you would like! 

Here at EEH, we know it is very important to build a good impression.This is why with each job we pride ourselves on our teamwork, cooperation, professionalism, accountability and quality of service. We have a vision to uplift the community around us, not only from the outside, but also from within. Fostering community and personal values in our employees, contractors and subcontractors. We endeavour to build a healthy and long lasting relationship with everyone we come into contact with. We have also partnered with the government recently in the Local Authority Development Scheme (LADS) to install External Wall Insulation, Render and Ventilation in counties across the UK, carrying our values with us wherever we go.

At the heart of our company, one purpose rings through, “sustainability”, our mission to accelerate a net zero emissions future. This is for the betterment of not only society and communities but the greater planet as a whole. Building a future for our children and grandchildren, one household at a time.

Providing you with informative guidance and expertise from the initial stages right to completion and beyond.  and that is why as a business, we pride ourselves in quality of services. Not only in terms of services rendered and work done, but also the quality of service and the fostering of community values. Often it can be difficult to fully grasp some of the government's policies and incentives regarding housing, our aim is to help you through the whole process.We know in communities it is important to impress, and this is the core to a reputable firm.

The UK Government has launched many schemes to encourage and deliver their Net Zero targets. One of which is the Green Home Grant Scheme to help towards Home Improvements which help make homes more energy efficient. The Grant is Available for a limited time and can only be provided via local authority installers. Our highly professional team will help you through the whole process from start to finish. These Improvements will in turn help you save £100's every year on your energy bill. It can also improve the external aesthetics, whilst providing you with a warmer efficient home. 

Older homes tend to have solid walls or cavity walls, which tend to not be insulated. You can lose up to 45% of your home's eco efficiency just because of this. Advancements in technology have meant new systems are available to combat such issues. Insulating your home can provide 20+ Years of adequate efficiency.

Our EWI installations are backed by a 25 Year warranty and certification is provided on completion of works and handover.

We have structured our organisation to the 21st century and hope our platform can assist all our clients and Sub contractors with exceptional service and support.


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