Viessman truckday at Duxford IWM

Viessmann Truck Day with the Team at EEH Solutions

Viessman Truck Day

Viessmann invited us to visit their fantastic event held at Duxford Imperial war museum. They showcased their Truck which is currently on a UK tour presenting their Energy Efficiency Measures, it was packed with popular products, such as the new generation of Propane R290 Vitocal 150-A / 151-A air source heat pumps and Solor panel systems.

We were also provided a whole host of presentations by their product specialists, Managing Director and their installer support team.

Viessmann Presentation

Our team thoroughly enjoyed the event and it gave them great knowledge of the future of products being developed and possible new measures we can deliver in the future.

We were also treated with access to the Imperial war museum, which showcased a great number of engineering developments and history of the aviation sector. We also took a tour on a decommsioned Concorde and were provided some great stories and knowledge of the legendary aircraft which had the ability to travel at Mach 2.04 which is twice the speed of sound.


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